Race Report: CincyCX Day 1 - Girl Power

Day one was dry (ish) and fast - at least until lap 4, when a few sparse rain drops turned the fast grassy lines into slip-'n-slides. Everyone had a story about losing it in a corner. I had four, but that didn't keep me from riding to a 13th place finish in this super-deep UCI C1 field.

Not the greatest starter, this one was particularly bad for me, so much so that my spotter "forgot" to update Doug by text message about my placing on lap one. I did my best to stay off the squishy, burned-in, mud line. But, with the addled brain of some one trying to control a bike while there heart is beating at over 180 bpm, it wasn't always possible. Still, I moved up quickly, took agressive angles in corners to gain those critical seconds, and took advantage of a few of those racing mishaps. A the finish line, I managed to hang on to 13th despite the quicksand approach (like riding through chunky peanut butter) and secure a few more international points for next weeks starting line!


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