Hot Lap: Plans for CX2016 are "heating" up

While the racing season may not start until September, we here at Wouldn't It Be Cool Productions have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that this is the fastest and funnest (yes, I said "funnest", not funniest) cyclocross season yet!

I can't spill the beans on all the behind-the-scenes-farting-around we've been doing, but stay tuned for big news. Thanks to my patient and prolific coach Isaiah Newkirk @Fascat Coaching, I've been training for CX since the crossing the finish line of the Go! St. Louis Marathon back in April (6th woman overall, thank you very much). In the process of transforming back into a bike racer, I took on the grueling challenge of The Squealer, a first-time 50ish MTB race (with >35 miles of single track) in the Ozark Mountains of mid-Missouri put on by 2Timing Guys, tore it up in the Apline Shop Trail Running Series, and even competed in my once annually triathlon (Big Shark New Town Triathlon).

But, this week it is time to get (mostly) serious and start planning the races, the travel, and the equipment, not to mention refining the training (because let's face it, triathlon and running are a blast, but they might not get me over the barriers any faster).

A very important training tool in the arsenal is a "Hot Lap". What is a hot lap, you ask? Really this can be any loop that vaguely resembles a lap on a cyclocross course, minus the "furniture" (barriers, stairs, etc,. unless you really want to add them and it is convenient to do so). I'd been using the open field in Castlewood for a number of years, but the course is ill-defined, prone to flooding and dog poop, and today of all days, I almost had a header with a guy riding a brush mower coming the other way on a blind corner.... the chances of that happening again are slim, but still I don't like those odds. A few other options turned out to have way too many people or roots, or both, for my taste. So, I headed to Doug's loop (hubby's favorite trail at Sherman Beach). To make it ~7 minutes, I doubled up on a the inner loop, so pay attention if you go out to Strava it.

There you go! I know that when the rains come, the temperature drops, and the days get shorter, we are all want to hang up the bike and settle into the couch to binge watch the latest offering from Netflix. I would appreciate some competition on this one to keep things interesting throughout the season. Bonus points if you remember to make the left turn to start the second loop (I did not today and had to liberally apply the brakes). Super bonus points if you get out there to ride it on one of my hot lap days to clear all the spiderwebs and text me to let me know. Do it often enough and I'll send you a pair of socks (Susan Kubinak knows it pays dividends in warm toes to be a Super Fan).

Happy CXing! And welcome to the 2016 edition.


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