The story behind "Je sokken zijn te kort".

So, what's the story? Why buy a T-shirt with the words "Je sokken zijn te kort" emblazoned

across the chest, inviting anyone without access to Google Translate to wander if they should be insulted?

It's a "long" (tall?) story. Here's the short version:

When I started racing cross, it was dirty. And still is. I also wasn't very good at it, and every other time I jumped off my bike, I ended up nailing my shins with the pedals. I discovered the fashion and cushion of tall socks minimized both the dirt and the damage. Not to mention, it made one hell of a fashion statement.

As I got into racing, and racing faster, I started toeing the line of a few UCI races. Always on the back row, just clawing my way into the points, and always wearing my tall socks. Then a miracle started to take shape. My points began to accumulate, and I started to sneak my way into the Top15, earning a couple of second and third row starts in my tall socks.

One race, a fellow competitor, and probably a newbie like me, though apparently not a rule-breaker like me, commented "Did any of the officials say anything to you about your socks?" Say, what? Were they the wrong color? Not part of my official uniform? NO! They were too tall!

"Socks (and shoe covers) used in competition must not exceed the mid-distance between the ankle and the knee." - UCI Regulations

Now, one could argue that given the length of my lower legs, that my tall socks were really just about mid-distance. But, I decided not to press my luck.... too much.

But, why the Dutch? Because, it's Belgium, the Holy Land of Cyclocross, and I am traveling there for the first time ever to race against some of the best in the world. And I wanted to share the experience, raise some funds along the way for this glorious expensive trip, and commemorate it.

It's T-shirt time.


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