T-minus 2 hours

Last night I walked into a cabinet. It was the exact height of my forehead. The resulting goose egg sits right along the point of contact with my helmet. Not the best of starts to the weekend.

This is my 10th season of racing cyclocross, from humble beginnings in Corvallis, OR. I did my first cross ride on a road bike, if you can believe that. Never thought it would go this far. But, then I never know when to quit!

And, thankfully, the folks who have supported me along the way know this. Full Cycle and Northwest Multisport in Corvallis,  First, Maplewood Bikes that first year in St. Louis when I made it to my first UCI races. And then Big Shark Bicycle in St. Louis who helped me get all the way to my first UCI win.

Tonight, I'll line up alongside an international contingent of the fastest, most gifted bicycle riders in The World flying the Van Dessel colors and riding a Full Tilt Boogie for the second year in a row. This is a team that I wanted to join since I first met them. And history knows, I used to use my friend Travis's Gin and Trombones as my pit bike before I could afford such luxuries.

Less than two hours, now. Goosebumps, and that fluttering feeling in my stomach. Or maybe I just need to pee one more time.


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