Running Down Mt. Crumpit

The second year I raced at JingleCX in the Elites, I was still running down Mt. Crumpit.

I was strong enough to be in the mid-pack mix, and fleet of foot enough from years of cross country running to maintain contact with other riders as I dismounted, slip-n-strode, remounted, and wobbled back up to speed. Ericka Zaveta memorably yelled to me mid-race, "you can ride this!" And yes, I could. Slowly, and with great care, in pre-ride, my 6ft. frame and high-center doing me no favors.

Today, after one pre-ride lap before the start of the World Cup, I wonder at how the skills have come. But, this is probably the tackiest most CX-friendly I have ever seen this course. Fast and as flowy as Iowa clay can get. It's not Belgium, but it feels like Christmas Cross!


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