Race Report: US Open of CX, Boulder, CO

October 15, 2017

We caught up with Sunny as she was heading to bed to ask her about the Day 1 competition and to get her take on which socks she might wear tomorrow.


Partly Cloudy: Were you blown away by the competition today?


Sunny: I was certainly blown away at the competition. During my warm-up in the Feedback Sports Tent, I periodically had to grab the tent pole overhead to keep it from flying away.


Partly Cloudy: So, your height was an asset during the warm-up. How about when

 it came to staying out of the wind during the race?


Sunny: Everybody had to race in the same conditions. The wind was a factor, and the chill, as well. After the heat at the Trek Cup races, it was a pleasure to get to wear my Craft longsleeve Van Dessel race kit.  And, my height (and leg length) did help on the Belgian Stairs! 


Partly Cloudy: Uh-huh. It seemed like you may have bobbled your remount at the top of one set. What was that all about?


Sunny: I thought the saddle was lower? ;-)


Partly Cloudy: What about "The Flume"? Did you get air on any of the tabletops?


Sunny: Not during the race. I eased the FTB over one in practice, but the wind would have knocked me right over during the race.


Partly Cloudy: How did the race wind up for you?


Sunny: Punny. A solid, but solo sixth. Once I lost the front pack after a bobble just before a headwind section on lap 2, it was chase, chase, chase, but no catch.


Partly Cloudy: What are you thinking for tomorrow? 2 Timing Guys socks?


Sunny: We'll just have to see.


Partly Cloudy: The suspense will keep us up all night.


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