It's Friday. Time to run 4 miles.

A few people have asked me in the past, what is #4mileFriday? Some have taken up the challenge. Many see it and wonder, "Why only four miles, Sunny?"

I'll tell you. Back in the day, (when gas skyrocketed to $4.00/gallon and people still had MySpace pages) I was a runner, triathlete, and all-around endurance junkie who viewed the week-end as a challenge to pack as many human-propelled outdoor miles into the hours of daylight as possible. But on race weekends and training weekends, alike, I did not want to overdo it on Friday morning before work, and risk being tired for the weekend adventures. AND, I figured, any athlete (including those of you who are still finding your inner athlete), could and should strive to run 4 miles at an easy pace, as a way to get that workout fix, break a sweat, justify the morning shower, and earn the donut at the Friday meeting without breaking the "bank" and messing up race and training plans.

And, "four-mile-Friday" rhymes. Or, at least, alliterates.

Now as a cyclist, running is admittedly less a part of my training regime. Fridays often find me doing the cyclocross equivalent of #4mileFriday - an easy 45-minutes-to-an-hour-ride with just a few starts and intervals to keep the legs snappy. But, every once in awhile, probably more often than I admit to my coach, my dog Gunner looks at me with those big, brown eyes, wags that mile-a-minute tail, and I can't help but melt and lace up

Aside: Recently, I made my annual trek to Cincinnati to race the Cincy2 cyclocross races, an annual tradition that I intend to maintain long after I am done racing as an Elite racer.  It was a reunion, of sorts, as I reconnected with the Strecker's, a family I have been fortunate to stay with many times. There was too little time to catch up, but Jenn did share with me how our discussion , X number of years ago, about my philosophy behind #4mileFriday had turned her into a runner who was now doing half-marathons! See....

Besides, it's kind of fun to think of all the other folks out there doing their version of #4mileFirday in preparation for the feats of awesomeness.

Now you know. Run-on!


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