Race Report #2 Kerstperiode: Three down, one to go

The 2017 DVV Trophy series Azencross with its astroturf pumptrack and the Brico Cross Breden race with it's new American-Style mudfest mini-roller coaster, are in the history books, and my quads are still firing, bikes still rolling.

#DVVTrofee Azencross CX

One #FullTiltBoogie bears a scar on one of the hoods, a deep gauge courtesy of a some fencing at the base of a flyover. I was racing along, minding my own business, accelerating into a rut at the base of the flyover. My Van Dessel thought it better to take a hard left, straight into the fencing, nearly flipping me onto the opposite side of the course, into on-coming traffic. I gracelessly dismounted, and ran-up the flyover, chagrinned, but unscathed. For those keeping track, I rode 18/19 (F/B) PSI for that mudfest, and still ended up running the bike a fair bit. "Ride it until you run it" was my game. That was a nice bike I was running all the way to 20th place!

#BricoCross Brendene

Sun, rain, sleet, and snow may sound like the start of the postal workers motto, but it also aptly describes the weather we experienced on the drive to the coast. Add in wind and freezing temps, and you can see just how psyched I was for the third race of my #Kersteperiode #BelgianCXmas campaign! @ElleBallerina shared an RV awning with me, out of the rain, for a short warm-up on the #FeedbackSports omnium trainer. I shared a set of #TNRtape with her and Niels, #NoPins, the numbers game was strong. Why short - over half a mile to the start, or what Doug called "the fastest bike walk".

The race: Mind over mud, I slathered on the embro, and smiled my way through the slop. On the first few laps, I fought the course, the bike, the mud, and the wind - missing all the good lines! I threw my clear lens to @DougEFreshCX in the pits (later he would suggest that I "rode better without them"), and squinted into the ice wind. I was in a three-way battle for 10th until, until I thought I would throw in a #SunnyGSlide (throwback to #MajorTaylorCX for the #BikeShopCX boys), then it was just hold off a hard-charging Brit to the finish! 12th place overall, and 18/19 PSI again.

Hydrate, stretch, sleep, clean, Repeat! Next, up, Superprestige Diegem!

📷 Jim Klages and Dale Sargent


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