Belgium's Kersteperiode

YES! It is finally here....

YEAH! Excited to see line up again on the international stage. 📸 Snowy Mountain Photography

Christmas Cyclocross, Belgium's #Kersteperiode, is upon us. One installment already in the books, contested on the muddy slopes of Namur/Namen, was a battle to the end, with Lucinda Brande able to ride away from a pack of chasers on the last lap. MVDP took the men's crown, excited to finally race in "true cyclocross weather". It would have been great to mix it up on the famed off-camber ("adverse-camber" - @Scotthermann?). The American presence was felt, with Ellen Noble snagging the hole shot, I believe from the second row, and Katie Keough showing staying power with a solid Top10 finish.

What will the second World Cup of the #Kersteperiode have in store? I'll find out tomorrow! We opted to fly to Belgium from our current home in St. Louis on Christmas Eve, arriving Christmas Day, assisted by flight attendants and pilots in costumed attire. Why wait to the last minute? Well, I had to box up my basement storage area, #adulting, for our impending move.

@DougEFreshCX and I are in Belgium, now, down the street from an amazing coffee shop, and just over an hour from Zolder. Race goes off in less than 24 hours. Van Dessel Full Tilt Boogies are built. I will be 5th row, #18. See you on the track.

For those interested in following, I'll hashtag #BeSunny2018 (the "Be" is for Belgium, that's good enough for me).

Race plan:

Dec. 26 - Zolder World Cup

Dec. 28 - DVV verzekeringen trofee - Azencross in Loenhout where reportedly 117 women are entered.

Dec. 30 - Diegem - famous for having registration "In the Castle across the moat".

Jan. 1 - DVV Sven Nys - My first time racing this hallowed New Year's Day tradition!


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