Meet Mr. Mechanic

I call him "husband", but he also goes by @DougEFreshCX and “Chief Bicycle Officer”.

Doug, bicycle mechanic at Ballwin Cycles, building up my 2018 cyclocross race bikes

Doug began his career in the bicycle industry in 1986, around the last time gas prices were below a $1/gallon, Lady Gaga was born, and the Voyager 2 space probe made its first encounter with Uranus. He started working at Wheel’s West as a warm body. But, quickly graduated to the exalted rank of mechanic: fixing flats, changing chains, and realigning whatever it was on a bicycle in 1986 that required realignment. How did he get to be the bike engineer who leaves bike parts all over the house, reads books about wheel building in bed, and works out how to put a dropper on my cyclocross bike?

Moving from the independent retailer to inside sales, and then eventually warranty service and technical support for 9 years at GT Bicycle, he was all about integrity, turn-around, and an almost OCD attention to detail. After a few years spent outside the bike industry (product specialist for valves and valve manifolds at an engineering manufacturer), he returned to the local bike shop, a.k.a Big Shark Bicycle, a.k.a. one of the most successful regional stores in the MidWest. There he did almost all of it - mechanic, sales, service, shipping and receiving, neutral race support, team race mechanic, fits, and, eventually, pits! More specifically, working in the elite cyclocross pits at UCI events, World Cups, National Championships - both domestic and Belgian.

Doug working the pit during the UCI Elite Women's World Cup at Jingle Cross 📸 Snowy Mountain Photography

These days you'll find him behind the bench at Ballwin Cycles, helping out with course set-up and break-down for local dirt races as part of the 2-Timing Guys crew, or working the pit for Mrs. Mechanic (@run4funner). All questions asked of Mrs. Mechanic will in all likelihood be verified by Mr. Mechanic (he’s the strong, silent type).


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